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Nano Electrics Inc was Established in 2016 just shortly after Fort McMurray's community was faced with the devastation of loosing their homes during the forest fire. Gino a member of the community for over 15yrs and the owner of Nano Electrics worked tirelessly to help rebuild the community with many other great trades. 

Than again in April 2020 the communities residence, small and big businesses faced yet another devastating blow when faced with flooding during the beginning  of the Covid pandemic, which has introduced yet another challenge to our daily work and home life.  In response to the  Covid Pandemic we at Nano Electrics are dedicated in doing our part in preventing the spread while continuing to offer our services, by providing our employees with face masks and hand sanitizers in each vehicle and educating our employees in the importance of staying home if symptoms occur, and following current government guidelines. Our community has faced many challenges and by continuing to be Fort Mac Strong we will yet again see each other through it! 

Thank you, from Nano Electrics Inc.

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